HIV prevention

  1. How do I prevent HIV?

    There are several ways to prevent HIV spread:
    Sexual abstinence
    • Condom use in all forms of sexual intercourse
    • Maak condoomgebruik interessant door het met de mond om de penis te rollen (wel oppassen met uw tanden!). Wilt uw partner geen condoom gebruiken, heb dan liever geen seks met hem.
    • Do not use needles or syringes already used by others (tattoos or drug use).
    • Have you taking any of these risks? Check with your doctor to prevent infection.

  2. What is healthy sex and how do I do that?

    Healthy sex is sex that you have freely and often when in love with someone. This can be done safely by sticking to one partner or use of a condom.

  3. Where do I get condoms?

    Condoms are sold at pharmacies and supermarkets. There are also condom vending machines, where you can get a condom for free or for a small payment. Furthermore some discos also provided free condoms and lube.

  4. When should I get tested for HIV?

    Anyone who is sexually active should have to be tested. If you think you are at risk, contact your general practitioner. 

  5. Where can I get tested?

    You can do free HIV testing at various locations with counseling: the Dermatological Department, all RGD clinics and all clinics of the Medical Mission in the interior. Stichting Lobi tests and also counsels, but not free of charge. You can also do a HIV test, after a referral from your doctor, at one of the approved laboratories. In that case you will not receive counseling. Click here for a summary of the test sites!

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