What is homosexuality?

Homosexuality is derived from the Greek word 'homos' (meaning the same) and the Latin word "sexus" (sex). Homosexuality is a Western term for people with a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex. A man who prefers sex with another man is called homo or gay. A woman, who prefers sex with another woman, is called a lesbian. The word "lesbian" refers to the Greek island of Lesbos. Centuries ago the poet Sappho lived there and she described her love for women.
People who have a sexual preference for both men and women are bisexual. And anyone who feels only attracted to people of the opposite sex, are called heterosexual.

Homosexuality is a natural sexual orientation. It is not a choice a person makes. Some people think that homosexuality is not natural, because homosexuality is less common than heterosexuality. The fact is that homosexual feelings are humane. What one feels deep inside is not something they can change.


Gay's meet each other in different ways. Sometimes there are gay events and clubs and on the Internet you can get in contact with gay men in and outside Suriname.  Lesbians and gay men can fall in love with straight men (and vice versa). You cannot see on someone's face if he/she falls for men or women. Especially when you just accepted you are gay or lesbian, you probably know very few other gay men or lesbians.

Monogamy (or faithful to one partner)

This means anyone who has one partner. This word comes from the Greek "monos" meaning only, "gamos" means marriage. People often think that gay men are not monogamous, and that relationship between two men never lasts long. This is a prejudice, for gay men often have long term and stable relationships. That does not mean they are always monogamous. Just like some heterosexual men, some gay men occasionally have sex with someone else outside their relationship.

Coming out

A man who often fantasizes about a man, falls in love with a man, or wants to make love with a man is probably homosexual. A woman who fantasizes about a woman, falls in love with a woman, and wants to make love to a woman, probably is a lesbian.
Some boys or girls know at a very early age that their preference for someone is of the same sex. With others it may take years before they know they are gay or lesbian.
There are also people who are attracted to both men and women. These people are called bisexual.

It can be very confusing to have homosexual feelings, because you are 'different' than most people. It can be difficult to tell your community about your gay or lesbian feelings. But the people who do that, are coming out of the closet - in short: coming out. If you tell your family or friends about your feelings, it is called coming out. Often this is done in small steps.
Usually you first test the reaction of the person to whom you want to talk about it. That reaction is not always positive. So make a plan. What do you do if the person does not accept it? What do you do if you get assaulted on the spot? Think of the consequences before you express your sexual feelings.


When we talk about sex, it is mostly about heterosexual sex: how a man and a woman make love. So the question is really, what's the difference when two men are making love? Obviously men have a different body than women. But almost all sexual acts two men can do together: kissing (tongue), caressing, handjobs, sucking and fucking. The only difference is that when two men want to have sex, they do it anally (in their ass). Sex is very important for some gay men, for others it’s not. Some find it particularly pleasant to be taken anally, and others like to be the one doing the act of. These roles can be reversed. In short, there are several ways in which gay men interpret their sex lives.

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