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  1. Information about having a healthy lifestyle and sexual life

    Suriname Men United wants to increase awareness of a healthy lifestyle among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender people (TG) by providing information and sharing knowledge. Information about a healthy lifestyle aims to change behavior among MSM and TG
    in Suriname. You can call the foundation during the opening hours for information!

  2. Free HIV testing & counseling

    An increasing amount of Surinamese people are getting tested for HIV. It is free and always with guidance at various organizations, the Dermatological Service, all the clinics of the RGD and the Medical Mission.

    “Knowing if you are HIV positive or negative (your HIV status), is very important. An HIV test is the only way to determine this with certainty. At SMU, the service is fully focused on the specific needs of MSM and TG.” Do you want to get tested for HIV? Than make an appointment by calling 411087 or via this calendar link.

    The results are available after 15mins. Confidentiality guaranteed.

  3. Condoms and Lubricant

    The foundation Suriname Men United promotes a healthy lifestyle for MSM and TG in Suriname, including safe sex. Therefore, the foundation regularly provides condoms and lubricant to the visitors of gay events
    in Paramaribo. These are gay safe condoms and water based lubricant.

    You can pick up condoms and lube at Suriname Men United,
    Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 16:00 at the Oude Charlesburgweg 63. 

  4. Health Navigators

    The health navigators are available for MSM and TG, especially those who are HIV positive. During the guidance there is a systematical approach, based on the first conversation the health navigators will make a plan of the help that is needed. They guide / motivate HIV positive persons to stay healthy, to visit the doctor regularly and to be adherent. For MSM and transgender persons who are HIV negative, information is given to the client on issues that emerge during the first interview or during the guidance period.
  5.  Safe place for MSM and TG

    SMU provides a safe environment for MSM and TG, where you can go to relax or to have a conversation with one of the health navigator. At our safe space you have the opportunity to be free and relax as MSM or TG and to talk with your friends. You can ask or look up information, there is Wi-Fi available and the health navigators can also assist you to find this information.

  6. Psychosocial support (Counseling)

    MSM and TG still encounter difficulties and problems on a daily basis trying to openly acknowledge their sexual feelings. Pressure from parents and sometimes religious parents, colleagues, their school and friends, play a huge role. These obstacles make it more difficult for MSM and TG to make use of the services available such as visiting voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) sites. Psychosocial support is very important. A simple conversation can be very enlightening.

    Therefore, since January 2009 the Foundation has begun providing psychosocial assistance to the target group. After completing an application form, the client is further guided by one of the counselors of the foundation. Confidentiality is of utmost importance during this service. 

  7. Legal assistance

    For MSM and TG, SMU provides legal assistance in cases where they are discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. If they feel they have experienced this discrimination they can get in contact with foundation. The Foundation will then take the necessary steps so that proper guidance can be provided.

Address: Oude Charlesburgweg 63
Phone: +597- 411087
Postbus: 708, Paramaribo – Suriname
Email: info@surinamemenunited.com

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